Nick Scali Reviews: Decorating while renting

One of the problems with renting is that quite often you see lots of great decorating ideas but find you are really restricted on what you can change. Often you are stuck with apricot coloured walls or horrible vinyl kitchen cupboards.  Here are a couple of tips to help you.

Embrace it!

If your rental property has wall-to-wall brightly printed 70s wallpaper – maybe it’s time to embrace the flower power era. Try keeping the fun theme and seek out 70s gear to decorate the rest of the house.  Have a look for some retro furniture to keep with the mood.

Look for adaptable furniture

If you need to purchase new furniture to suit your rental property, look for pieces that will suit a variety of living options – especially if you really don’t know how long you will call your rental property home.  Look for a modular lounge that offers modern styling and flexibility.  Think about coffee and dining tables made from clear perspex which work well in both small and large spaces.

Refresh and revive

Update your soft furnishings so you can detract the eye away from the eyesores.  Get some new cushion covers and a new rug for the living areas or look for new lamps, wall mirrors or paintings.

Just remember, most homes have good and bad aspects and it’s up to us to work with the good and around the bad.

If you need some help in updating your home, come in to one of our Nick Scali stores and have a look at our wide variety of furniture.

We have you covered on products and service from when you walk in to when you take delivery without complaints.

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